Excerpt of "Cold Cold Hand" as a paired down version featuring the songwriter's Gregory Mulkern and Bianka Black. Sold Only As Curio's first song.

Sold Only As Curio is the brain child of three musiciansBianka Black, Nate Brokaw Jackson, and Gregory Mulkern. After collaborating to create new original genre-breaking music, the trio had their first official SOAC gig in a historic pioneer graveyard in Portland, Oregon on Halloween 2011
For the dozen years that have followed the trio has expandedto as many as 9 musicians, collaborated with many dancersand special guests musicians, and traveled the world performing on many hundreds of stages, in the street, and at festivals.

The term "Sold Only As Curio"comes from labels applied to healing potions and formulas originated from a Hoodoo tradition of rootwork. It makes no promises beyond curiosity but you may become spellbound.

Good music is magic and timeless, and has no genre. Sold Only As Curio makes aims to make good original music to charm you. 
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